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WordPress Plugin: TextMe

Are you constantly on the go, and worrying about what’s happening at your blog while you are not there to check up on it? Not to worry! With the new TextMe plugin, you can have a carbon-copy of all admin emails sent via SMS to your cell phone. TextMe supports sending SMS via most major carriers.

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WordPress Plugin—Digg Protector

I’ve heard various complaints from blog-owners that when their posts are Digged, their servers’ load increases for the worse. After a bit of study, I’ve found that most of this load is caused by the extreme amount of images that are loaded. The Digg Protector will determine if a visitor is from Digg, and if the visitor is indeed from Digg, the plugin will serve them a remotely-hosted version of the image. Otherwise, the plugin will serve the locally-hosted (on that server) image.
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Live Hasher

Live Hasher is a new recently made JavaScript app by me. It hashes your string of choice right in front of you, all through JavaScript.

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Firefox 3 Beta Release (Candidate)

Firefox 3 Beta 1 has now been officially released. You can download the beta here, in a lot of different languages. You can still view some screenshots below if you would like.

A new article has just sprung up on Digg, giving a few links to an early release of Firefox 3 Beta. It’s really actually a release candidate, so that Digg article isn’t completely valid. But anyway, I’ll give a rundown of the new Firefox, and the main new features I can see after 2 or 3 minutes of playing with it…

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