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Firefox 3 Beta Release (Candidate)

Firefox 3 Beta 1 has now been officially released. You can download the beta here, in a lot of different languages. You can still view some screenshots below if you would like.

A new article has just sprung up on Digg, giving a few links to an early release of Firefox 3 Beta. It’s really actually a release candidate, so that Digg article isn’t completely valid. But anyway, I’ll give a rundown of the new Firefox, and the main new features I can see after 2 or 3 minutes of playing with it…

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Switching XP’s Built-In ZIP Support To Open Source

For many computer-illiterate people this greatly helps, as XP makes it look like ZIP files are just normal folders. But for us, we know better, and XP’s support isn’t fully built in. When searching for files, XP (very slowly) searches ZIP archives also, and results from archives come up incorrect and generate errors when deletion is attempted. I’ll give you a quick guide on how to remove this ZIP support, and if you want, replace it with 7-Zip.

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Esperanto Keyboard Layout

I’ve recently developed an obsession with Esperanto. I know, it’s awesome.

To fuel my obsession and waste some of my time away, I made an Esperanto keyboard layout. This will work on x86 and x64 systems.

Download here. Just unzip and run setup.exe.

Setting XP to Use 24-Hour Clock

I did some hunting today to find out how to set up Windows XP to use the 24-hour clock instead of the (ugh) 12-hour clock. Here it is:

Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options, and click the Customize button next to the drop-down box. Go to the Time tab, and change the time format to H:mm:ss. The value you just replaced should have looked something like hh:mm:ss tt. The ‘tt’ represents AM or PM, and obviously we won’t need that anymore. Click OK, and OK again, and look at the clock in your taskbar. Hooray!

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Those ads.. whatever shall I do?

Call sandman, you shall! I have the perfect solution for anyone who either is a sucker for all those ads that tell you you have a virus, or for anyone who dies from the load time for commercial sites with ads crammed in every little not-already-covered nook and cranny. Continue reading ‘Those ads.. whatever shall I do?’

The DUO-Compress Method

Okay, this may seem a bit silly, but I think it will work.

The duo-compress method archives a file two times before it is finished. This is how it is done chronologically:

  • Original file(s)/folder(s) sent to ZIP archive
  • ZIP archive sent to RAR archive

Sound cool? Okay. I will post the results after testing a bit.

Test 1

Original foldersize: 24.0 mB
Size after step 1(ZIP): 10.7 mB; 44% of original
Size after step 2(RAR): 9.16 mB; 85% of step 1
So, final .duo file: 9.16 mB
Percent of original: about 38%
Hey, that looks pretty good to me.. a little less than 40% its original size.. I could live with that 😛

Test 2

Original foldersize: 76.2 mB
Size after step 1: 28.2 mB; 37% of original
Size after step 2: 28.1 mB; 99.6% of step 2
Final .duo file: ~37% of original
This one makes step 2 seem pretty petty. But hey, that’s just one test.. more coming soon.

Test 3

Original foldersize: 253 mB
Size after step 1: 250 mB; 98.8% of original
Size after step 2: 249 mB
Final .duo file: 98.4% of original

So, I have concluded that a Double-Compression method would be pretty useful. I will test this again on a different file/folder later. So double-compressed files will be .duo files. Rename it to *.rar (* being whatever the filename originally was) then decompress that, then decompress the ZIP archive inside it. I recommend WinRAR as your client for this, as it supports both.

I will almost definitely be releasing a client for this, just hold your horses.. 🙂

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