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Why Your Site Should Use Short URLs

I’ve been to so many sites recently that serve me URLs like this one:

Frankly, I am sick of these kinds of sites. This article digs a bit deeper into why this is bad, and offers solutions for webmasters that do have URLs like the one above.

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WordPress Tutorial: Creating Option Pages

I just finished making a tutorial on creating options pages and letting your plugins be configurable. It bases the example plugin off of Mark Jaquith’s video tutorial. (It also teaches a bit about register_activation_hook, because that is an important part for making plugins configurable.)Hopefully I’ll get around to making a video-version of this plugin soon, so things are more easy to understand.

But for now, there are still two versions available: A PDF version and the original OpenOffice ODT file.


gEdit Template Plugin :: Basic Templates

Eckhard Jäger released a plugin for gEdit last Monday which allowed you to create your own templates, and then create files from those templates. I really liked the idea of this plugin, so I’m going to help it out a bit. Here is a quick archive of a few useful templates for web developers.

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SQL Injection :: What It Is, And How To Prevent It

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SQL Injection is a form of hacking that has taken down innumerable amounts of websites, and it’s no comforting idea that your site could be next. In this tutorial, I will give you a brief synopsis of what SQL Injection really is, and how to protect your website from it. This tutorial assumes that you have a fairly good knowledge of PHP, you understand GET and POST methods, and you have used and at least partly understand SQL.
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Live Hasher

Live Hasher is a new recently made JavaScript app by me. It hashes your string of choice right in front of you, all through JavaScript.

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Centering Elements Vertically and Horizontally Using XHTML Strict

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It’s been quite tricky for some people to align objects using XHTML Strict, because of the restriction for using the align attribute. This short tutorial will give you a quick fix to centering your things horizontally and/or vertically on a page.

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Kafo (Coffee)

English speakers, please click here to see an English version of this.

KafoKafo estas mian unuan oficiale lasis desegnaĵon. Mi gajnis iuj praktikado de farantas ĝin, kaj mi estas fieran por tion. Ne senti iu hezitadon al uzis tion desegnaĵon por vian personan retpaĝo (aŭ iu alia retpaĝo, kvankam estis desegnis por ĵurnalo de artiston/aŭtoron/estigiston/aŭ iu similan)Vi povas elŝutas la tar.gz dosiero ĉi.

Coffee is my first officially released theme. I’ve gotten some practice from doing it, and I’m glad of that. Feel free to use this theme for your personal site (or any other site, although it was designed for a blog of an artist/writer/developer/or something similar)You can download the tar.gz file here.

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