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Activating Full Mode on the Asus Eee PC

Merry Christmas! Today I received an addition to my geek arsenal: an Asus Eee PC.

Eee In Easy Mode
The Eee’s default interface: Easy Mode.

They really are telling the truth in their slogan; it is indeed “Easy to Learn, Work, and Play.” But if you’re like me and require that default-looking desktop environment to satisfy your needs, probably want to activate the Eee’s Full Mode.

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WordPress Tutorial: Creating Option Pages

I just finished making a tutorial on creating options pages and letting your plugins be configurable. It bases the example plugin off of Mark Jaquith’s video tutorial. (It also teaches a bit about register_activation_hook, because that is an important part for making plugins configurable.)Hopefully I’ll get around to making a video-version of this plugin soon, so things are more easy to understand.

But for now, there are still two versions available: A PDF version and the original OpenOffice ODT file.


WordPress Plugin: TextMe

Are you constantly on the go, and worrying about what’s happening at your blog while you are not there to check up on it? Not to worry! With the new TextMe plugin, you can have a carbon-copy of all admin emails sent via SMS to your cell phone. TextMe supports sending SMS via most major carriers.

See the plugin page for more information.

WordPress Plugin—Digg Protector

I’ve heard various complaints from blog-owners that when their posts are Digged, their servers’ load increases for the worse. After a bit of study, I’ve found that most of this load is caused by the extreme amount of images that are loaded. The Digg Protector will determine if a visitor is from Digg, and if the visitor is indeed from Digg, the plugin will serve them a remotely-hosted version of the image. Otherwise, the plugin will serve the locally-hosted (on that server) image.
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Unix Tip – Shortening The Abbreviations

Even for us fast typists, our hands start to complain after a few hours or more of banging on our keyboards. Sometimes the best thing to do is what is really the only apparent chance of survival—shorten all these abbreviations even more.Please note, this guide is intended to be used by Linux and Unix users. Yes, Mac users… if you can believe it, Mac is all Unix on the inside.

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SQL Injection :: What It Is, And How To Prevent It

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SQL Injection is a form of hacking that has taken down innumerable amounts of websites, and it’s no comforting idea that your site could be next. In this tutorial, I will give you a brief synopsis of what SQL Injection really is, and how to protect your website from it. This tutorial assumes that you have a fairly good knowledge of PHP, you understand GET and POST methods, and you have used and at least partly understand SQL.
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Installing A Wireless Driver With NDISWrapper

This short tutorial will guide you through the installation of NDISWrapper, and how to set it up to work with your specific wireless adapter.

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