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Celsus Software

Well, under my new programming ‘alias’ I have launched a site called Celsus Software. I’m currently offering FREE software development, only under the condition that you abide by the terms of service. But they’re not very restrictive, so don’t worry about that 🙂

For anyone that is interested in requesting, here’s a direct link to the request page.


DUO Client Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the .DUO client from my computer, just to give you an idea of what it will look like. Very simple GUI, but it’s functional 😉

DUO Client Screenshot 1

(more coming soon)

The DUO-Compress Method

Okay, this may seem a bit silly, but I think it will work.

The duo-compress method archives a file two times before it is finished. This is how it is done chronologically:

  • Original file(s)/folder(s) sent to ZIP archive
  • ZIP archive sent to RAR archive

Sound cool? Okay. I will post the results after testing a bit.

Test 1

Original foldersize: 24.0 mB
Size after step 1(ZIP): 10.7 mB; 44% of original
Size after step 2(RAR): 9.16 mB; 85% of step 1
So, final .duo file: 9.16 mB
Percent of original: about 38%
Hey, that looks pretty good to me.. a little less than 40% its original size.. I could live with that 😛

Test 2

Original foldersize: 76.2 mB
Size after step 1: 28.2 mB; 37% of original
Size after step 2: 28.1 mB; 99.6% of step 2
Final .duo file: ~37% of original
This one makes step 2 seem pretty petty. But hey, that’s just one test.. more coming soon.

Test 3

Original foldersize: 253 mB
Size after step 1: 250 mB; 98.8% of original
Size after step 2: 249 mB
Final .duo file: 98.4% of original

So, I have concluded that a Double-Compression method would be pretty useful. I will test this again on a different file/folder later. So double-compressed files will be .duo files. Rename it to *.rar (* being whatever the filename originally was) then decompress that, then decompress the ZIP archive inside it. I recommend WinRAR as your client for this, as it supports both.

I will almost definitely be releasing a client for this, just hold your horses.. 🙂

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