Hi, everyone.Well, I finally did it! I made the resolution to sit down at my desk and write my About page. Hmm, where to start…

Ah! I know. First off, a lot of people have been wondering why I don’t speak German when I have such a German-like name. Well, to tell the truth, the name I present on this site—Hans Engel—is not my real name. No, it is simply a pseudonym; I’m an internet-security freak at heart. I created it during a phase I went through in which I was obsessed with the German language—so when the time came to secure my identity on the internets, I was resolute in it being a German name. (Yes, it’s internets. Look it up in a Bushism database.) (I owe it to the Behind the Name name generator for the idea of this name.)

So, now to my interests. I’ve a fairly round personality, if I may say so myself.. I enjoy and routinely practice cross-country running, football (or American soccer), and parkour in the athletic interest area. With software programming, I am fluent in (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, SH, AutoIt, and PHP. If I was asked which language I most liked, I would probably pick PHP. With general computing, here are my everyday tools:

  • OS: Ubuntu Linux 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon”
  • Web browser: Firefox
  • Music player: Banshee (I couldn’t live without my music!)
  • Source code editor: gEdit 2.20.3
  • Blogware: WordPress
  • Image editing: The GIMP 2.4
  • FTP: FileZilla 3

Next, after that long list, are my computer specs:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.93 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Disk: Master(180 GB), Slave(80 GB), Total (260 GB)
  • Video: nVidia GeForce 7300 GS
  • Display: Multi-monitor; 1(PyxScape 1280×1024 PC/TV LCD), 2(LG L196WTQ-BF 1440×900)
  • Keyboard: Compaq CPQ175KB
  • Mouse: Logitech

Next, hmm…

I also have an interest in writing and art—especially digital. I have a DeviantArt page that shows both of these interests at best.

I haven’t much else to say—if you don’t know where to go after this, I recommend clicking one of the Popular Posts on the right, or looking at my WordPress plugins and modifications.


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