Yod’m 3D… mmmmm.

I’m not posting to tell you how you can ‘impersonate’ the cool 3D visual effects of Beryl/Compiz on Linux; no, I’m posting to tell you about a great tool for productivity, for the people that spend most of their day on the computer. I’m a semi-professional programmer, and I find that this is a great tool to avoid cluttered taskbars. You can have up to four seperate desktops, all with different wallpapers, icons, and windows running. You can move windows from one desktop to another, and when you look up in the taskbar, you only see the windows that are on the current desktop. I utilize three of the four maximum desktops when I am coding: one for off-topic stuff, you know, a web browser and the rest, one for the music player (foobar2000 is my favorite, uses very low resources, probably about 5% of what iTunes uses), and the other for the actual coding application. It’s a very cool app, and when you get bored you can just keep spinning that 3D cube.

Unfortunately some company just bought the product from the individual developer that first created it, and they are changing it into a costly application. To solve this, maybe they’ll host the original Yod’m 3D. *cough* or I will *cough

And finally, here’s the link: http://chsalmon.club.fr/index.php?en/Download

(their information page now redirects straight to the new company’s site, unfortunately.)


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