Really Weird Dream Experience

Wow, I had an extremely odd dream last night…

You can’t even call it a dream, as I was awake for the end part 😛

Okay, from the beginning:

I had a dream that I was having a party at my house. I was upstairs and my mom was downstairs, and she called to me. “Do you know where your brother is?”

I answered in a whisper, “I don’t know.” No idea why I whispered, but after a few moments of waiting, she called me again. “Do you know where your brother is?”

This time I said it like I was talking to someone at a normal volume. “No.” After waiting again, she said it one more time: “Do you know where your brother is???”

Right as I was about to answer in frustration, I woke up. Now this is the hazy part of my memory, so cool. Anyway, I must have still been in a slightly subconscious mood, because I yelled, “I DON’T KNOW!!!” I looked at the clock and realized I was in my bed and that it was 3:00 AM. I snapped back into reality and got REALLY embarrassed.

It was so weird, though.. it was like for the few seconds when I was yelling, I was awake, but still dreaming.. very odd.

Anyway, I’m glad I got that out.. see ya!


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