The DUO-Compress Method

Okay, this may seem a bit silly, but I think it will work.

The duo-compress method archives a file two times before it is finished. This is how it is done chronologically:

  • Original file(s)/folder(s) sent to ZIP archive
  • ZIP archive sent to RAR archive

Sound cool? Okay. I will post the results after testing a bit.

Test 1

Original foldersize: 24.0 mB
Size after step 1(ZIP): 10.7 mB; 44% of original
Size after step 2(RAR): 9.16 mB; 85% of step 1
So, final .duo file: 9.16 mB
Percent of original: about 38%
Hey, that looks pretty good to me.. a little less than 40% its original size.. I could live with that 😛

Test 2

Original foldersize: 76.2 mB
Size after step 1: 28.2 mB; 37% of original
Size after step 2: 28.1 mB; 99.6% of step 2
Final .duo file: ~37% of original
This one makes step 2 seem pretty petty. But hey, that’s just one test.. more coming soon.

Test 3

Original foldersize: 253 mB
Size after step 1: 250 mB; 98.8% of original
Size after step 2: 249 mB
Final .duo file: 98.4% of original

So, I have concluded that a Double-Compression method would be pretty useful. I will test this again on a different file/folder later. So double-compressed files will be .duo files. Rename it to *.rar (* being whatever the filename originally was) then decompress that, then decompress the ZIP archive inside it. I recommend WinRAR as your client for this, as it supports both.

I will almost definitely be releasing a client for this, just hold your horses.. 🙂


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