New Upcoming Story

From my dA page:

Thanks to some inspiration from a good friend at a forum, I may be starting my latest work, and this may be the series. That may sound really stupid, that someone else made the plot, but I assure you this is nothing more than a good base. I’m better at drawing at making a plot base; and oh, you should see my drawings. Anyway… here’s his suggestion:

The US government creates a new classified military group with the typical loose ties and mysterious funding found in an action plot line. The group is composed of a SMALL number of elite intelligence agents and special forces soldiers who are chosen for their flawless abilities and total trustworthiness. The organization is independent of all other agencies and, although they have a seat in the pentagon and can be advised by the military leaders, they are not required to follow the direct orders of any other leaders and are instead responsible for creating their own missions with the primary objectives of promoting national security, easing stress on the military during wartime, and uniting the intelligence and technology of the CIA and NSA with the power of the military special forces.

The story is actually a series. I think it is good in the sense that, as a series, there are a huge amount of things to happen. One episode they might be going behind enemy lines to take over a POW camp…another they might be stealthily sneaking into an enemy base for the gathering of intelligence…another they might be hacking into enemy targeting systems…another, they might be fighting side by side the regular troops to help them out…A whole bunch of things…I think the thing that makes it really good and differentiates it from a typical action story is the fact that it follows a small group of people through a series with the goal that the reader gets to know the characters, feel with them, etc…aspects often ignored in this category of story.

This is an awesome idea, and a good example of the kind of things I like to write. I will hopefully be posting a prologue/first chapter in a few days.

Well, I should get to bed now.. keep checking back for an update!

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